Hello friends! My name is Grace Valentine (yes, like the holiday), and I am a Louisiana raised, Orlando living, Baylor University grad! I graduated from Baylor in May of 2018 and am 24 years-old. I am an author, host the “I’m Tired Podcast”, a blogger, a speaker, but most importantly a FRIEND.

Now for the fun stuff….

I spend way to much of my time on social media, and drink way too much coke. In a perfect world I would just be mountain biking, hiking, and playing in the mountains all day in North Carolina. I love to listen to Taylor Swift, go for runs, and eat lots of sushi. I talk too much, too loud, and too fast, but prefer to write. I like to write about Jesus, my mistakes, what I’ve learned, and dream of a world where no girl cries because she doesn’t feel good enough.

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  1. Hi Grace my name is Roxanne, i just finished hearing your podcast with Sarah Rieke about your book. I love you personality and how crazy you are about Jesus. You book relates me and how i felt for a long time, I definitely look forward to reading your book and taking your advice on how to feel like i am enough. Thank you and may God bless you.

  2. Just started watching some podcast after reading article ” I’m not good enough……” could not have said it better (and I have been at it for 30 plus years ! :). Thank you for being a voice for the generations coming. Grace needs to be taught more accurately! May you continue in the abundance of His grace, peace and love! Will be praying for you!!

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