Hello friends! My name is Grace Valentine (yes, like the holiday), and I am a Louisiana raised, Orlando living, Baylor University grad! I graduated from Baylor in May of 2018 and am 24 years-old. I am an author, host the “I’m Tired Podcast”, a blogger, a speaker, but most importantly a FRIEND.

Now for the fun stuff….

I spend way to much of my time on social media, and drink way too much coke. In a perfect world I would just be mountain biking, hiking, and playing in the mountains all day in North Carolina. I love to listen to Taylor Swift, go for runs, and eat lots of sushi. I talk too much, too loud, and too fast, but prefer to write. I like to write about Jesus, my mistakes, what I’ve learned, and dream of a world where no girl cries because she doesn’t feel good enough.

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  1. I love this, sometimes its really great to take a step back and be reminded of this. I know I feel like that all the time an that really made me feel good. Definitely subscribing! Cool your from the Baylor area, I live right down the road near the circle by health camp and rudys

  2. I just read all of your posts and they are amazing and truly inspirational. I have struggled with a lot of the things you write about and your words are very comforting!

    1. Thank you Jordan for this sweet comment! You are too kind to share that. Everything I write about is stuff I am struggling with therefore it is a comfort to me knowing others struggle. You rock! Hopefully you will continue to check out my site!

  3. Hey Grace, I remember you from elementary school, and your kindness hasn’t changed a bit! I am so proud of the woman you have become, I wish I could’ve become as strong as you! I am in Texas as well, in Pearland actually with my boyfriend and I still have pictures of us from girl scouts and parties the girls would have in grade school. Let’s keep in touch. I hope we can become good friends again and I will definitely be reading your blog often!

    1. Wow sweet Stephanie so great to hear from you! I pray you are doing well and loving Texas as much as me! You sound wonderful and gifted in many ways hopefully you can stop by Baylor for a visit!! Keep reading my blog if you enjoy 🙂

  4. Hey Grace! Greetings from another Louisiana girl – West Monroe. I appreciate your transparency and honesty as you share your heart. I look forward to following along as you help guide young women with God’s truth. May your cup overflow with God’s blessings and favor.

  5. hey Grace, I’m 15 and i saw your blog on Facebook, i had been struggling with god and boys and school but after i read literally all of your blog posts it has made me happier with life and has reassured me that everything is okay. i wanted to thank you for being so inspiring and let you know that your posts really do help!

    1. Awh Kiersten you made my night!! 15 is a hard age, I promise it gets better. I am so glad you found joy in these posts, everything I write is meant to help me therefore it comforts me knowing I’m not alone. God bless new friend!

  6. First off I just want to say that your Bio is so funny. One of my friends just shared your post about the message you wrote to yourself when you turn 16 and I absolutely loved it because it was so relateble. It’s hard to find girls who can really open up and understand how high school is because at the end of the day we all care what the world thinks about us but reading your post it made me want to open up and be who I am. So again I just want to let you know that I loved it and think your awesome!

    1. Awh Kendall I’m so glad your friend and God lead you to my page! I try to be funny lol…. glad you think so 🙂 I pray throughout your walk with God you seek Christ as a friend! God bless new friend

  7. You are wise beyond your years, young lady! Your words are so important for my 19, 16, 14, 13, and 9 year old kids! Sometimes it is easier to listen to someone else besides parents, and you are a good role model! Thanks!

    1. Awh wow you made my day! I can tell you are a wonderful mother seeking to raise your kids in a christian home–and I can learn from you (in the far away hehe) future when I have kids. God bless and thanks for the encouragement <3

  8. By the grace of God, I stumbled across your writing. It’s crazy how beautifully you write and how easily I can relate to your writing. You have helped me understand things about being a Christian woman that I always struggled with. Thank you for helping me realize the immensity of God’s love for us. Your writing is truly something else. Please don’t ever stop writing. Your voice needs to be heard. Thank you for your writings. God Bless.

    1. Caeley wow you are so kind and encouraging to tell me this. I pray you continue to notice each day how much the Lord loves you and how beautiful His grace is for you Caeley! God bless 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsey I am so glad you enjoy my site 🙂 Honestly I’m new to the blog thing so don’t follow anyone as of now but I enjoy reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff, doing Beth Moore studies. I hope that helps but this site with have more than one article weekly about finding worth in the Lord, so I hope that it helps you as well. 🙂

  9. Hi Grace! My mom sent me the link to your blog and now i can’t stop looking at it. Your writing is so inspiring and it’s really helping me through a rough time right now. Thank you for helping me live out my faith more fully and know that God is always with us even when the times are rough. Thank you so much!!

  10. Hi Grace!! I’m 16 years old and I go to a Catholic high school, but right now I am really struggling with some health issues. My mom sent me the link to your blog and I am blown away by your writing. You are so inspiring and your writing truly has helped me remember God’s immense love for us. I am so thankful for you and your wonderful words. May God bless you and allow you to continue sharing your wonderful stories.

    1. Anna wow you are so sweet!! God bless you and I pray you wake up each morning and dance with Jesus 🙂 You rock new friend! I will be praying for your health and the Lord blesses you. You sound like someone who can change the world with her testimony, I hope you share it.

      1. Aww Grace thank you so much!!! You don’t know how much your comment meant to me. I will pray for you too that you may continue to share your wonderful stories.

  11. Grace,
    I just recently found your one of your blogs on Twitter and I was so intrigued and wanted to read more, so I typed it in on Google and found your website. I’ve read almost all your blogs and am incredibly inspired it’s great to see someone so young spreading God’s word and what truly matters. You post the most relatible scenarios and have really helped my spiritual and emotional journey. So much love, keep doing what you’re doing. God Bless!

    1. Allison this is so kind!! I really appreciate it a lot and pray you continue to seek Christ in all you do. God bless sweet girl 🙂 let me know if you have any topics you want me to write about

  12. Wow! I came across your blog on Facebook and you are such an incredible writer! It is so powerful to see God’s love radiating through people❤️ Thank you for being such an inspiration! Sending lots of love your way!

  13. Hey Grace,
    My name is Bethany Anne. I’m 17 almost 18 years old and I have just recently discovered your blog. The first thing I read is ‘The Guy You Deaerve, Darling’ (I think I got the tittle right). Anyway a lot of what you said hit home with me. There were a lot of questions in your blog that I wish I would’ve thought of to ask myself before I got heartbroken. For a long while I felt worthless, ugly, and like I was never enough, but that all changed when I found who I was in Christ. When I put my worth in God’s hands everything became beautiful. I became beautiful and it was in that moment I also wanted to start letting girls know their worth I in Christ not that cute guy who plays with your feelings or doesn’t seem to notice you. Forever I’ve been trying to find a way to get a message out there to all girls about worth but I never knew how. I didn’t know how I could do that till my best friend shared your blog with me. I think what your doing is amazing and I think maybe one day you can start having conferences, maybe after your books out, called “Enough”. I think what your doing is amazing and one day I’d love to meet you. Maybe even we could be friends. Anyway, keep on shining for Chrost and puttin his message out there. You’re awesome!

    1. Bethany you made my night <3 that is actually where I feel God leading the Enough movement how crazy that you told me that??? I am so happy to hear you say you found your worth in Christ and not the world. God bless and I pray you have this joy each morning <3 You are here for a reason and I am excited about how God is working in your life

  14. thank you for sharing such encouraging words and being such a light on who Jesus is and what a loving Savior we have. Dont stop writting.

  15. Awesome blog! Most of your writing brought me to tears, but in a good way. Thanks for sharing!! All your blogs are so relatable! It is great!

  16. You are one beautiful soul, Grace!
    Your words speak to me on such a deep level and I support what you are doing in every way. I’m a health, fitness, and life coach and your passion for God and the importance of self confidence is not only inspiring and refreshing, but it is truly the foundation in everything that I DO. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your uplifting advice on being ENOUGH.
    God Bless YOU!

  17. Hey girl!!! remember me????
    Just wanted to tell you that I love this blog, the great things that are being done through your ministry and that the truth you are writing speaks volumes to girls everywhere. You’re great. That is all.
    miss u<3333333

  18. is there any way you could talk to me in in a email or something. I need some help im in a tough place right now. Im a freshman in high school and ive screwed up big time any way you could talk to me?

      1. i made a mistake by going out with a boy after school. we didn’t do anything bad, but everyone is made at me because they dont want me to hang around the boy. Im a freshman in high school hes a junior and honestly im just lost. ive never been in trouble like this, but i didnt tell my parents about going out with him.

  19. Grace! I happened to stumble across this blog on my Facebook and I enjoyed reading every single word of your blog! You are gifted in writing and you are so awesome!! You have an amazing personality!! I’m from mandeville too! Shoutout to the Mandy-land ❤️

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  20. Hi Grace I’ve been going through a really hard time recently struggling with not feeling good enough. I found your posts the other day and I can honestly say they have helped me so much and I’m starting to feel happy again. You really have a gift. I will keep you in my prayers! Thank you so much X

  21. How did you get started writing your blogs? I just went through the worst break up, and I really feel inspired to start blogging and want to use my writing to help other girls like you you are doing.

  22. You give me hope for our future generation 🙂 thank you for such kindness during this rough time. God first always!

  23. You are REFRESHING! I’m a 46 year old woman looking for ways to mentor young women. Finding your writing and your mission is a great resource for helping these ladies hear how God 1) Made them wonderfully and beautifully and 2) Is CRAZY about them.

    Glad I found you on social media, a place I spend too much time on too … but God redeems junk, right? Thank you for making the time to share what God is teaching you so others can learn too.

  24. Your words were such a gift for me to read today! I’m going to share your blog with my 17 year old daughter. So thankful for the beautiful role model you are to all ages! God is using you in huge ways to bless others!

  25. Hi Grace!! :)) I found your page after a recent twitter post and have LOVED going through and reading your older posts everyday. Reading these posts have been so uplifting and encouraging and I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that there are girls out there sharing advice like this. As a highschool student, your blogs are so relatable and being able to share your posts with other girls that are going through similar things has been so helpful. I just have a quick question for you and I was wondering if there was any way you could try and answer it for me!! :))

    For a while now, one of my friends and I have been wanting to start a blog of our own, but we just have not been sure where to begin… Do you happen to have any tips or advice for beginning our own blog? I have a semester project where we were able to pick anything that we wanted to research on and make a product from it, so I decided to use the blog as my product. We wanted to focus on what it is like growing up in our crazy world as Christian girl. (Just like yours haha) But as of right now, we are just stuck on where to start hahaha. Anything helps :))

    Thank you so so so much for your words of encouragement and I look forward to hearing from you. (Oh, and Sic Em’ Bears always :)) I hope to be there in a few years.)

  26. Hi Grace,
    My name is Lauren and I am 17 years old from Alabama. I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you! The things that you write about are so real. The things that God has shown you are amazing and one day I hope to be like you! I know this is probably so weird, but thank you for creating this website to where I can come on here and read what God has poured out to you. It seems like every time I come one here I read something that I needed, that helped me through what I was struggling with!
    But anyways, thank you thank you thank you for all that you do! Keep sharing God’s word! ily!
    In Christ,
    Lauren A.

    1. Lauren this made my day!! First being seventeen is hard wow, and I am so proud of you for seeking Him at this age. It is so important. I will be praying for you new friend to continue to read and learn God’s will!

  27. I knew about your blog but didn’t search deeper into it at first. But after seeing a comment from a boy on a picture of me saying “playing smash or pass: I would pass, she is freaking ugly.” I felt ugly. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes and then I remembered your blogs and how I am not ugly in Jesus’ eyes. Your blog has reminded me I do not need a boy to tell me how pretty or desirable I am, all I need is Jesus Christ to continue to love me and to make him eternally proud of me and my actions I take in response to something like this. So Grace, thank you so much for reminding me God will always love me and he only gives me what I can handle… he gave me this opportunity for me to find you. Please keep sharing God’s Word and reminding us we are loved by a truely awesome God.

    1. chloe, people can be awful. what those boys said has no hold on your worth. so many times ive been made fun of by boys (boys who will later try to come back in my life ha) but God is good. He makes even the most painful situations good (romans 8:28) thank you for continually to seek him even when life stinks. He is proud of you. he loves you. he says you are worthy

  28. Hi Grace! My name is Meaghan, and I’m from Lake Charles, Louisiana and go to school at LSU (I think we actually may have some mutual friends!!).

    Just wanted to stop by and say your writing is so beautiful and full of truth! It inspires me to keep up my own blog, because it is just so worth it to lead people even a step closer to Jesus. So excited to read more of your work!

    – Meaghan | meaghanmercy.blogspot.com

  29. I just stumbled onto your blog via a Facebook share from one of my friends in my blogging group & I spent about an hour reading your posts. I’m down the road from Waco @ Mary Hardin-Baylor & think it’s pretty cool that I found another faith blogger nearby. If I’m being real, I’ve been really struggling lately- with school, my health & fostering community with people because I feel so drained, unmotivated & discouraged. Reading your posts, especially your most recent one in college, reminded me that I’m not alone & that this is just a season, not a permanent state of unpleasantness. I also scrolled through and read about 12 of your other posts and known that I’ll be subscribing, because you write such encouraging things that shine such a light. God definitely gave you a gift & I am so glad you’re sharing it!! God bless you, I look forward to seeing how continue working and living out God’s plan and I hope I’m able to reach your level of vulnerability and hold truthfulness on my blog! Have a blessed week <3

  30. Hi there! I’m Mia, 22 years old, Canada, I am so happy to run into this blog, I was seeking help for my self insecurities, and wow, I am grateful to have found this. I love your inspiring stories and it’s really touched me. I hope to live with God more in my life and be “enough” for myself. This is so inspiring, I want to subscribe to your blog, but I can’t seem to find the subscribe button.

    1. Hi Mia!! Wow we are almost the same age. And I want to visit Canada so bad. At the bottom there should be an email
      Section a white rectangle. If not you can like my Facebook page and you’ll get updates through status when there’s a new one.

      Your struggle is mine too and why I created this. Mia I pray you seek Him daily. Proud of you. 💗💗 much love

  31. Wow I love this and your posts a whole lot!! Wow I would loooveee to hear more about the Enough movement and how I can be a part!! I love Jesus and vulnerability, and relationships, and helping people know they are loved unconditionally . <3

    1. Mimi praying for you! So glad you want to be apart! Right now, it is simple a vision I pray for you and me to be reminded of everyday. Soon it will be developed more, like with my book and study coming out this summer and I have a few ideas up my sleeves <3 follow my social media to keep up with me

  32. Hello! I stumbled upon this book as a recommendation from Amazon. I just wanted to say hello and good job! I am also a Grace Elaine….not too many with our first and middle name! 🙂 Elaine means “shining light” and I have always felt that names mean something. So keep shining grace over all you do! 😀

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