“DoN’T yOU JuST loVE wheN Jesssuusss whispers INTO oUR sweet sweet hearts….”


A girl at my university said this in a chapter meeting for my sorority once. I remember laughing out loud. WHISPERS? He whispers into your heart? What does that even mean?? I used to get so frustrated when Christians would use weird phrases to talk about God speaking to them. I was frustrated for two reasons:

  1. The language they used was misleading. They said the pretty words but did they mean it? Did they audibly hear a whisper? How did it go towards their heart? Why is their heart so “sweet”????
  2. I couldn’t feel or hear Him. So I was rather annoyed when hearing about Jesus sharing His voice to my sorority “sister”. Why was He talking to her and not me???

So if you are like me and relate to that feeling you get when you hear others talk about Jesus talking… this blog is for you.


First off, I want to tell you IT IS OKAY TO STRUGGLE WITH THIS. It is okay to be someone who has been a Christian for forever… and wonder where God is. It is okay to not be a Christian and be skeptical… But before we begin, it may be okay to struggle with doubt…  it may be normal to struggle with doubt… and I don’t want you to be ashamed for struggling with doubt…


But you’re missing out on true faith.


Don’t feel guilty for doubting but also don’t feel stuck in your doubt. Faith is stronger than any question you have. Jesus is bigger than any doubt you have. There is hope. And you clicking on this article proves you are willing to listen to Him and desire to hear from Him.


I used to so desperately crave for Jesus to speak to me. Wouldn’t it be easier if He just proved to me He was there? But I’ve learned that in this process, I’ve complicated His voice. 


His voice isn’t a literal whisper…well, maybe He does do that for some people. But His voice to me is found in the tugs in my soul that push me to do something so out of the ordinary for me. What some label a “conscious”, I label “Jesus”.


His voice is found in my life situations.


I stopped believing in coincidences the minute I let Jesus in my heart. I learned that when you have a Savior and Creator who can move mountains, surely they are the ones who are causing the coincidences to happen. There’s no such thing as “chance”. That’s Jesus.


There’s a story in the Bible where the disciples are on a boat and a storm wakes them up. They have just seen Jesus feed over 5 thousand people with only a few loaves of bread and a few fish… Yet in the storm when they saw a dark figure walking on water they yelled… “IT’S A GHOST”.


When I read this I thought… really guys?


They have SEEN first hand Jesus perform crazy miracles. They have seen Him do the unthinkable… but when they are in a storm, all of a sudden a ghost is more probable than Jesus.


However, after I read that I felt convicted.


I do that too.


I’ve seen Jesus do crazy things before. He has made a way when there was no way. He has healed me from my heart breaks and delivered me from my worst. He has guided me to where I am now and He has lead me to who I have become. He has worked in my life.


No, I haven’t ever heard a deep voice or seen a burning bush… but my life is evidence itself that someone has my back and someone is catching me when I fall. Yet, I still doubt. I fail to see Jesus because I’m too busy assuming it isn’t Him. He can literally be walking on water in front of me but because I am living with doubt, not faith, I ignore Him… and I call Him a coincidence. I call Him a crazy chance.


Call me crazy, but I think there’s a reason Jesus isn’t running around in white robes bippity boppity booing everywhere. There’s a reason He came as a poor servant instead of a rich king. There’s a reason He wore a crown of thorns and was mocked and abused instead of being someone who wore a golden crown and was worshipped while on this Earth. There’s a reason why in the storm He is on top of the crashing waves, walking with confidence – but only can be seen as a dark figure.


He wants us to find Him in the craziness.


He is still there. He isn’t hiding per say… He’s just waiting for you and me to open our eyes. He is waiting for us to remove the doubt from our lens and see Him for who He is – a Savior who loves us and a Savior who doesn’t need the human language to communicate with us.


We serve a Jesus who can walk on water, move mountains, and make the sun rise… It would be boring if He used His voice instead of using life situations to speak to us.


So how do I hear God? I hear Him with every rejection, knowing that is His protection. I hear Him with every sunrise and see Him in the rainbows. I feel Him when I’m at the grocery store and a dollar is on the ground. I see Him through every friend who has had arms open to hug me when I needed it. I hear Him in the homeless man who says “God bless you ma’am”. I see Him every day.


He may not come how I would like…


He may not come how I expect…


But He’s there. And on the days I can’t feel Him… I am reminded that I must not praying or noticing Him… It is my problem not His…


So to you, my friend, who struggles to hear and feel God: drop your expectations. Pray right now and stop praying like you have somewhere more important to be. Stop putting time constraints on God and let Him control the conversation. Stop praying like you’re in a rush and pray like being in His arms is more important than anything else. Stop being scared of silence and give Him the opportunity to speak to you through His word – through truth that enters your thoughts, and through your life.


Open your eyes today and see Him in the little things. He’s a mystery, but a beautiful mystery I believe in. A beautiful mystery I know to be true. And a beautiful mystery I believe you too know is greater than your doubts.


I pray right now you find people who love you and a Christian community you can be honest with. And on days you wonder if God’s there, I pray you bow your head and give Him a chance to talk. I pray you speak honestly and openly. And I pray you open your eyes and anticipate Him to speak to you… maybe not through a voice, but in a way that is unexpected but beautiful.


Scripture to read: Matthew 14:22-33


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Photocreds: Emma Kieffer

Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.


    1. HI I actually have one called I’m tired 🙂 I’m behind on filming but should restart soon!

    2. Now I know how I hear God I feel him when he’s with me and through the crazy times in my life thank you

  1. I feel as if it’s not a coincidence that I’ve been going through a lot lately. The more that piles on my plate the more I want to turn to God. I feel as if it’s his way of saying he is working on me. In my heart to make me a true Christian. I always listened for a whisper. But this article made me look deeper. Thank you!

  2. You just made my day and perhaps the rest of my life.
    This article answered my painful question precisely. And yes, Jesus has spoken to me through you.
    Thank you so much for this, such a beautiful soul you must be. May God bless you!

  3. Thank you for this! God speaks through blogs 3 years old! I have been struggling because A lot of Christian’s are so confident in Gods voice. I have struggled. Then you mentioned a dollar on the ground and I encountered that yesterday! God is speaking through your post. Thank you ❤️

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