Slideshows and jingles. Voting and posters. Ice water and neutral color nails.

You’re getting ready to be busy. You’re getting ready to look at lists of names, hug random girls, sing loud chants, and ask “where are you from?” more times than you actually care.

Being a Christian in a sorority can be tough during spirit and recruitment week.Trust me…I’ve been there. We know gossip is a sin yet feel the need to stalk random girls to make sure their reputations are “good”. We say looks don’t matter but secretly want guys to still speak “highly” about our sorority… We find ourselves fixated on resumes, high school reputations, and things that are so temporary…


I watched myself while in a sorority become obsessed with rush. I wanted the best girls and my competitive self rationalized my sins in order to “better” my sorority. 

If I could tell something to every Christian sorority girl it would be simple….


Rush is man-made.

This process is flawed.

God’s purpose is bigger.

Anything you put before Christ is an idol.


I want to be clear I am not saying sororities are bad. They can be great. I met my best friends this way. What I am saying is that God is bigger than sororities. Our roles as God’s children are about making disciples not Alpha Gamma Thetas Phis…Humans made recruitment week not God. On the eighth day God did not organize His creation in a slideshow and hold a vote. 


Rush is man-made. Rush is flawed, just like every man-made invention. Your workplace one day will be flawed and occasionally hold sin on some people. Your family has flaws. This process isn’t perfect so please stop pretending it is. Judgement is happening, maybe not by everyone but by some, yes.

There’s a story in the bible where a bunch of guys had a friend who was paralyzed. They cared about him, wanted him to be healed, and they trusted that if they brought Him to Jesus He would be healed. 

However, the crowd was big and they couldn’t find a way in to bring him to Jesus. So what did they do? They climbed on the roof and brought their friend through the roof. Yes, this is a real bible story that happened. 

And what happened? Jesus healed the man because of their faith. The man who was once paralyzed walked back home singing praises about Jesus.

To my “Christian” sorority girl…. the man didn’t sing his fraternity chant back home. He sang praises to JESUS. He did this because of his friends’ faith.

You can’t save the whole crowd. You can’t save anyone to be honest. But you can bring those God gives you in your life to Jesus. You can use your sorority as a platform for God and recruitment week as a way to connect with real daughters of God. 

Our main goal every day is to bring people to Jesus. Your main goal is not to bring people to your sorority. During this week please remember, it is way more important for you to bring girls to Jesus. And do me a favor, be crazy this week. Talk authentically to girls. Care for them each individually. Pray for the girls God will have you meet each day. You don’t have to be best friends with each of them and in fact you can’t. But you can love them authentically and lift them up in prayer.

Love them. Don’t love them because of what they “bring to the chapter”. Love them for WHO created them. Love them because Jesus went to the tree not just for you…but for her as well. Love them because you were once one of them, nervous, excited, and scared. And these younger girls need friends who will bring them to Jesus.

You don’t have to besties with them all. You don’t even have to be sorority sisters with them all because you CAN’T. But promise me you’ll love them all. Because that…you can do. Love from Jesus isn’t dependent on resumes and recommendation letters. Love has already been bought on a tree. We love because He first loved us.

Also, love the sisters you have now well. The crowd that day over 2000 years ago all got to see friends being crazy enough for Jesus to bring their sick friend through the roof. What would happen if you loved you sisters in this way? What would the girls rushing see? They wouldn’t even remember your chant or if your house was closest to fraternity row. They would simply say “I remember their faith”. And maybe, that’s cooler.

I recently talked to a friend named Ashlee Newsome who told me her goal during rush week was to at least give the girls she’s placed with to have a safe conversation to be themselves and not focus on trying to impress her. Imagine if you this year did that. How crazy would that be? If each girl you talked to was loved for just being there. What if  you loved her and allowed her to be herself? This year allow the goofy girl to be goofy, the kind girl to be nice without assuming she’s fake, the hurt girl to be hurt, the girl who has felt unwanted all week can be honest, and the girl who was crazy in high school doesn’t have to hide her past and be someone she’s not. During recruitment week, be a safe place that allows people to come as they truly are…

Don’t interpret this as a call to use your five minute conversation to present the gospel. That can be weird and intimidating for a girl who doesn’t know you. (Do it if the opportunity comes up naturally though,) In this bible story, these men were friends with their friend who was sick. They knew him and had been walking with him in friendship for a while. They trusted Jesus to heal him. Talk about Jesus if you feel the spirit lead you to, but also the best way to help people starts with being an authentic friend. Create a safe place for them to be themselves. And you don’t need to share letters to be friends. You share the same Creator and Savior and maybe we should say that the cross is more than enough.

Read: Luke 5:17-30

I would love to pray for you this week! If you want prayer during recruitment week feel free to message me on instagram @thegracevalentine or twitter @gracev96. 

Photocred: Mary Beth McMichael 

Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.

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