Absolutely nothing.

Stay with me ladies. I know some of you hoped to see another article that was like…

“Pi Beta Gamma Thi’s are LIKE BEYONCE. Always fierce, sassy, yet sweet.”

But no. I can’t because no matter what happens or has happened to you during rush– your worth does not come from three Greek letters on a comfort color XL t-shirt.

Many girls around the nation are currently in the process of sorority rush. Some are the PNMs and some are the sorority girls. Many more young ladies will go through this process next semester. And many others from all ages have already gone through this process.

My freshman year I was obsessed with rush. It was exciting. I couldn’t wait to see what my letters were going to be. I couldn’t wait for bid day and to run into the house that would be my community for the next four years. I thought my worth was dependent on the letters I wore.

Now, as a senior I laugh at the freshman I once was who thought bid day was the biggest day of my life. It is scary to think I once found my identity in something from the world. Something fading, not satisfying, and man-made. Yes, my sorority gave me community and some of my greatest friendships, but my worth never came from my letters.

My worth comes from being a child of the King of Kings.

My worth comes from my Savior.

Not from the letters I throw…

My worth comes from the one who said “I love you this much” stretching out His hands to show me, only to have his wrists stabbed to a tree.

My worth comes from my Creator who made me in the image of Him. The One who hung the stars and painted the sea.. And after all that, He thought the world could use one of me.

To the girl rushing: Your worth is not found in the letters you will soon wear or not wear. God is good at being God. He knows what he is doing and will make no mistake, including in this process. If called to find community through recruitment, then do it. However, never forget that Greek letters will fade, but your identity luckily comes from your Creator and not His creations’ creation.

To the sorority girl in the middle of recruitment week: Each girl you meet is made in the image of Christ. Never forget that. Never forget to pray during this silly process for the girls’ hearts. However, friendships aren’t dependent on letters worn on a t-shirt. Be a friend to all you meet and love everyone because He first loved us. And NEVER FORGET, we are called to make disciples…not make Pi Gamma Omegas. We are called to show His love, and not love on someone only for the intentions of them to wear the same letters as you.

And to every girl who wears Greek letters, or doesn’t wear Greek letters — here’s some important news for you…

God will not ask you at the gate if you were an Alpha Gamma Beta Pi, and He does not care if you are top-tier.

What He cares about is if you found your identity in what He says versus the world. He will care if you bloomed where you were planted, and used your community given to grow in His name as a sister, friend, disciple, and student.

How lucky are we to have a Creator who created us for a bigger purpose than going greek?

Sororities are so much more than three letters and can teach you how to serve your community, grow as a friend, and even grow as a believer. Sororities can reflect a body of Christ and be a community that helps One spiritually grow. However, your value is not from having a sorority. What I do know is I used to think being “top-tier” mattered. However, what I learned is being a child of God matters. Things from this world, including greek communities will fade. But what is consistent is our Saviors deep love for us. What is consistent is the cross. What is consistent is that our purpose is to spread His name. And maybe that is through a chapter, and maybe not. But how lucky are we to know that our identity and worth does not alter on bid day?

Your worth comes from Him, the One who is top-tier, and deserves every leadership position.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1

PHOTOCRED: Claire Pedregon,

Also that’s me the blonde looking not happy… lol I am VERY happy in my community. I just think this picture is funny.

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Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.


  1. I’m a 52 year old women who went thru rush in 1983. I did not get into a sorority. I really didn’t understand the whole politics of the process. I graduated and became a RN but that one week in 1983 has colored my view on sororities. I had never not been included. I was in the popular crowd at my high school. I’ve learned a lot since then but I still get a weird feeling at this time of year and my heart goes out to those who don’t get into a sorority. It hurts to not be picked. It hurts to be left out. It hurts to feel like you are not enough. Your article was great and being a Christian of value. I was a Christian in 1983. It still hurt. It’s silly that it kinda still does.

    1. I agree— great article. Peggy….I, too, went through rush in 1983. I did pledge a sorority, I enjoyed my experience and made friends who are my friends to this day, but that’s beside the point. Because Peggy, you are so right. I appreciate your honesty so very much. For all the good that sororities can provide and do provide, the sorority RUSH process is horrible. Even when it turns out well. The process involves “instant rejection” for everyone at some point. Even if a girl ends up at a house that she wants, she was likely “rejected” along the way by other houses and probably asked herself why she “wasn’t enough,” just as you said. And it is NOT silly that it still kinda hurts for you after all these years. Sure, in time, our rational minds put things like that in the right perspective, but the human heart is different from the human mind. The human heart usually bears a permanent scar. I am grateful to you for speaking a truth that many are afraid to speak. I would’ve LOVED to have you as a pledge sister in 1983! You know why? Because from this one little paragraph, I can tell that you are courageous, you are honest, you are sensitive to others, you are brave enough to be vulnerable and you are not afraid to call out something that needs to be called out, yet you do it so gently and humbly. Those are IDEAL characteristics for anyone(!) and certainly for a sorority sister. Unfortunately, those are not characteristics that can be evaluated during 15 minute “rush parties” over the course of a very fast week and, as a result, wonderful people like you get missed. I am surprised that 30 years later the process hasn’t changed much. Of course on Bid Day, I’m happy for the girls for whom it’s a joyous occasion, but my compassion for those who are hurt by this process at this time of year runs far deeper. I hope this article reaches those girls and that they can embrace the truth it contains. Thank you for your comment. It is an important reminder.

    2. !!! You sound like a wonderful person and someone I would want as a friend. I am so sorry you have that sad memory from way back when. This week has been a doozy for my daughter. Saying lots of prayers for her and all the others going through the process all over the country.

  2. Well said. No fluff just straight from the heart stuff. I am the g’father of a Tri Delt at Auburn and she sent to me. I know she agrees with you and the second portion of her heart is reserved for her sorority. Thx for sharing.

  3. wonderfully written. i would love to have more friends like you during my college experience!! thank you for this

  4. I also went through rush in 1983 and did not get in to my top 3 sororities, but just about all my friends did. To say I was depressed is an understatement. At that age, a lot of girls are just trying to figure themselves out! To have total rejection while your best friends are happy and excited to be accepted put me in a downhill spiral. My self esteem was at an all time low and frankly had trouble seeing any of my worth. It is a dangerous slippery slope- I didn’t know I would spiral like I did, but I was lost! I fell deeper and deeper into a depression and thankfully called my parents and told them I was barely hanging on!! We live in a tough world; i just wish sororities didn’t exist!! To have a large group of individuals rejecting not once, not twice but several times can’t be good for anyone. My daughter is going through and unfortunately having the same experience and I am petrified. I just wish there was a more loving way to get groups together without all that rejection

  5. Such a great read, so true and well written. Thank you. Sharing with my daughter, a PNM this year, who is loving Rush right now….. everyone needs this reminder.

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