My Child,

I know your thoughts. I hear your cry.

I know your life isn’t going how you wish it would. I know you are experiencing pain. I know you are looking at me and asking “why God?” I hear it all.

I hear it all and when you cry, I cry. When you weep, I weep. When you fall to your knees in anguish, I fall to my knees to pick you up.


Sadly, this world has sin. And with sin comes pain, death and suffering. With sin comes disease, sadness and bullying. However, although your world may be falling apart, this world does not matter. This is not your world. This world is not meant to be perfect. This world is meant to be about you choosing me. This world is about you, in the midst of a world of sin, keeping your eyes on me.

I never promised this life would be perfect. I never promised that you would never suffer. But, I did promise that I would be with you every step of the way.


I know your life is hard, but listen to me. I’m whispering in your ear right now. Keep your eyes on me and you will find joy in the midst of your trials. Through Me, your trials become your testimony and your testimony is a sign of my strength.

When death steals those you love, and disease takes its toll on you– keep your eyes on Me. Take my hand and I will lift you from the valley and make you stronger than you were before your trial. Take my hand and together we can overcome the temporary pain of this world.

This world is temporary. Your pain is real, but it will not last. This world does not define your value. You value comes from me your Creator. I gave you a world of free-will so you can authentically choose me. With free-will comes sin, and with sin comes suffering. Do not blame me when I am the only one who can save you. Do not blame me when I am the only One who can give you eternal peace.


You are loved, cherished and important to me. Let me help you. Come back to me my child. Your suffering is real, but temporary. Your relationship with me brings eternal joy. Trust me in your pain. The flames surrounding you will not consume you when you put your trust in Me.

Your Father,



I had a girl message me about a family member suffering from cancer. I know she is not alone. I have had friends suffer from illness and die too young. I have watched friends loose people they love. I have seen good people suffer tremendous pain. I watched my the most loyal friend I had in high school, die after a long battle with cancer.

But God is STILL good. Although the flames are there, when we have Him by our side we will not perish. When we go through the valleys, the Lord reminds us there is a mountain ahead. When we give our life to God, He uses out trials as our testimony.

God never said “hey yeah this life should be a breeze when you put your trust in me“. Nope. He did not say that. He did promise that if you trust Him and believe in Him than you will get eternity in paradise. He did promise us the pain we bear while in this world is temporary. He did promise to never leave our side.

And He too experienced suffering. He sent His Son to bear the punishment we deserved. His wrists were nailed and He was left hung to a tree. Yes, there was pain. But that same pain gave us freedom. God used the suffering on that tree to create an empty grave. God used that suffering to give us the ability to have eternal life.

You pain holds a purpose. To be honest, I have no clue what that purpose may be. However, I do know that the Lord will use your pain to help someone, to spread His name, and to remind you that although God gives us mountains to climbs, He gives us the strength to climb them.


“But now, this is what the Lord says—he who created you, Jacob,he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:1-2


Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.


  1. This felt like it was written just for me! I`ve been going thru alot of pain and i`ve been feeling pretty depressed about it:( This gave me so much encouragement!! Thank you.


  2. I have never needed to read something more. I am at a major crossroads in my life; breaking up with my boyfriend, withdrawing from grad school and trying my best to figure out the next step. It hurts to be in this position but having a reminder that God is still here through it all is what I needed today. Thank you.


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