I don’t know what I want to be for the rest of my life.

I have clue what I want to be for the rest of my life. I have no clue where I’ll be in 10 years, so please don’t ask. I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow, or if I’ll even be here tomorrow. I have no clue if I even enjoy the major I am studying at college, or if I will even use half the classes I’m in now once I graduate.

Some people talk about their “purpose”, and I only find myself getting more and more anxious. Some people seem to have their life figured out when I’m not even sure if I have matching socks on.

I don’t know what I want to be for the rest of my life, and I don’t have my life figured out. I have a feeling there are other girls out there who also don’t feel prepared enough to handle this crazy thing called life.

However, that is okay.

See, our society has taught us that they only way you’ll be “successful enough” is if you plan. Our society has taught us that we will only be financially stable if we prepare and know exactly what we want our life to look like.

In eighth grade, my school made us pick a “career cluster”. We would pick what career we wanted to be once we grew up at the young age of 14.  After we picked our future “career”, we would use our choice to plan our classes in high school. I first picked the “pre-med” cluster. Now, I am a journalism major. I bet God had a good laugh at that one when I struggled in Biology I.

The world tells us to plan, but God tell us to trust Him. When we try to make plans for the future, God just laughs. See when we focus fully on planning, we are discounting God’s plan for us. When we plan we aren’t having faith in God.

We so often forget that the One who created rainbows, mountains and the sound rain makes on rooftops, created our destiny and purpose. We forget that having faith in Him also means having faith in His plan for us.

As much as the cheesy phrase “let go, let God” is overused, it is so true. Maybe Carrie Underwood was right when she sang “Jesus Take the Wheel”. Maybe not allowing ourselves to plan our future, and leaving it up to God is the best investment for our future. God is the smartest guidance counselor you could ever have.

I’m by no means saying not to have a dream career, goal or a major in college. I am saying that you shouldn’t expect anything. You should listen every day to where the Lord is leading you, and trust Him to guide you. Trust His choices not your own. Be willing to adventure along your path, cause you never know where He will lead you.

If you plan every moment of your life you may miss the beauty of the adventure God has planned for you. If you are too focused on the future, you may miss the plans the Lord has for you in the present. Let God plan your future and enjoy the ride my friends.

And if you don’t know what you are doing for the “rest of your life”, I promise it is okay. If you think you know what you are doing for the “rest of your life”, I guarantee God is laughing at your plans. The One who designed you knows your future, and that is something to have faith in.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.


  1. Thank you for this! I am a college student too, and I know what if feels like to be bombarded with questions about what I want to be “when I grow up,” and not have an answer. I do have plans and dreams and desires for my life, but I am learning that God’s will for my life is better than mine. Surrendering my future to Him used to be scary, but I am coming to experience God’s love deeper and more tenderly each time I let go. I hope God teaches you beautiful things this season of waiting too! God bless Grace! And keep writing!

    1. God’s will IS better and I am glad you are learning that truth Nicole. I will be prayin for your season of waiting as well sister and that you lean on Him and never yourself. You sound very wise, thanks for reading!

  2. I can relate to your sentiment. I am in my 20s and tell kids I still “don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” 🙂 Which is fine because one of the most freeing discoveries in this area for me has been the truth that I don’t have to pick/be just one thing! God rewrites my plans all the time and does an awesome job of it, even though His ideas are usually some of the furthest from my mind. There is little more comforting than letting go of the need to ‘figure it all out’ and instead bowing to our Creators’ plans and just living the life in this present moment. It would indeed be a tragedy to miss that.
    Thanks for blogging.

  3. I oftentimes get too caught up in my future and forget to pay attention to right now. It’s partly a product of our school having us choose our career paths and college coming up soon, but it’s also partly due to my own struggle to understand the talents and abilities God has given me and how He wants me to use them for Him.

    It’s a constant struggle to give God the control every day when my feet hit the floor, but its always worth the fear.

    Awesome post!


  4. I found your blog whilst “blog hopping” as I call it, and this was the second post I read. And exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for writing this.

  5. Don’t know how exactly I came across your blog or this post, but it’s one of those things that I chuck up to being “a God thing”. Lately I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with my future, internships and career goals..aka no clue what I’m doing for the rest of my life. I have another year left of college, but the pressure is all too real and it’s nice to stumble onto a post like this. Not only was it a reminder that I’m not the only one and it’s going to be okay, but also that God has a plan which I tend to forget whenever I get in these ruts. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. Lauren I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!! I know you have so much joy up in store and you have such a great purpose (romans 8:28) I will be praying for your worries and for clarity but also faith and trusting God’s plan. I still struggle with it but have to do my best to place my worries at the feet of Jesus! God bless

  6. Hi grace! Any Godly wisdom for when I need to make a decision like… soon? I am applying to my program (VERY competitive so decisions need to be made) and have had a recent mid-life crisis on whether or not it is the path I need to follow… <3

    1. Oh goodness thats the hardest when you don’t know which was to turn. My advice is to tell yourself you picked each choice, and whatever made you more happy to think about picking pick. Also pray, trust God and whatever you think He would want from you, and use you and your gifts go with it. I am praying for you!

  7. I definitely needed this read being in the exact same shoes with my undecided future. Great read, thank you for writing!

  8. Your blog is everything! i read it everyday. thank you! maybe you can give me advice on my blog that i made! I was a little nervous about publishing it and I finally did because of your articles made me want to do it! thank you!
    with love, Grace F

  9. I couldn’t help but smile at this post. I’m almost 53 years old and still don’t know what I’m supposed to be when I grow up. 🙂

    However, I have found something that makes me tingle all the way to my soul. My ancestors were potters and maybe that is what I am meant to do. It has been calling loudly recently. So, I am working on getting there. It will be a way to reconnect with my family’s past AND with Heavenly Father.

    I know that I have definitely given Heavenly Father a whole lot to laugh at over all these years with my “plans”!

    Have a blessed weekend, Grace. 🙂

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