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1. Do not spend more than $9 on mascara. CVS sells ones that work just fine.

2. It won’t matter later on that he was on a high school football team.

3. Your push-up bra is obvious.

4. Chill with the eyeliner.

5. If he cheats on you, say goodbye.

6. Stop subtweeting or Facebooking your life.

7. Don’t tell your mom you hate her; you will regret it.

8. Innocence is beautiful.

9. Call your grandma just because.

10. Some people will never like you; don’t let it bother you.

11. Kill them with kindness.

12. TPing/Rolling houses is all fun and games till it rains and you have to clean it up.

13. You were beautiful before he told you.

14. Don’t believe stereotypes. Get to know people personally instead of judging them.

15. Don’t let one mistake define you.

16. But learn from your mistakes.

17. Eat home-cooked meals. You will miss it one day.

18. Your mom can see a fake friend before you can.

19. Your dad can see a crappy boy before you can.

20. Enjoy your metabolism while it lasts.

21. There is more to life than Friday night.

22. If your parents buy you something, whether it’s a McDonald’s or an iPhone, say thank you.

23. You are more beautiful than you will ever know.

24. Prom is not the “best night of your life,” but go anyway.

25. High school years are not the best years of your life.

26. However, enjoy high school while it lasts, you will miss some of it.

27. Bad times make you appreciate the good times.

28. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.

29. Stop comparing yourself to others; that will never do any good.

30. Learn to forgive. Also learn that not everyone deserves your trust.

31. Learn to apologize.

32. He isn’t the love of your life.

33. Sex does not make you mature or an adult.

34. Stop pretending to be someone you are not to impress people.

35. Keep a journal.

36. You’ll regret spending $90 on that Abercrombie fur vest.

37. Eat the dang doughnut.

38. Five for $27, appreciate it, and never forget it.

39. Pray for your future husband every once in a while.

40. Pray for your future kids too.

41. Take those ACT prep classes seriously.

42. Hug your grandpa every chance you get.

43. Write thank you notes for everything.

44. Tell your favorite high school teacher she rocks.

45. Nothing good happens past midnight.

46. Put others before yourself.

47. Unless that person is an ex-boyfriend. You deserve happiness, stop worrying about him.

48. If you love God, then you should love people.

49. His plan is greater than yours (Romans 8:28).

50. Stop speeding; especially on turns. Also stop at stop signs.

51. Enjoy life. It goes by faster than you think.

To all of the high school girls reading this–I hope you never forget that even though life sometimes stinks, you will have plenty of moments that make you forget about the hard times. You will have moments of laughter, joy, and thankfulness that compensate for the time you failed your math test or the boy broke your heart. Be willing to adventure through life, and go through the bad with a smile knowing the best is yet to come. Embrace your innocence and stop trying to grow up. You only get to be a kid once; so enjoy the end of the beginning while you can.

“One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”– One Tree Hill


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Written by Grace Valentine

I love Jesus, diet coke and sunflowers. I wish I lived in the mountains, but love the two states I call home--Louisiana and Texas. I can watch Criminal Minds all day and dream of one day owning an ice cream truck for fun. However, my main goal in life is that more girls will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.



      1. I am so glad you found truth in this article as well!!! So many people can relate to all those crazy emotions we felt in high school! I hope you share with them my blog for similar posts in the future!

    2. Loved reading this post, my daughters are 25, and 10!!!! YES 😊. I raised my older the same as you have spoken , and she’s turned out PRETTY GREAT ! ( as a matter of fact I looked at the picture of the blonde in the middle of the two red heads and thought it was her !!! ) That it was drew me to read article!! You are very insightful for a young lady ! Keep your head on straight ; your beleif in OUR LORD , and may you go far ! Peace and BLESSINGS! Mischele

      1. You are so sweet and encouraging Mischele, I am honored you are reading my blog and will be praying for you and your family’s continual walk with the Lord! And that blonde is me 🙂 ahhaah so it looks like your daughter could secretly be my twin!!! God bless you! 🙂

  1. These are all great! May I add one? Please put your phone away while driving. No text or phone call is worth risking your life, the lives of your passengers, or other innocent people. It can wait.

  2. The one tree hill quote is my all time favorite I live by that quote because it’s life it will pass you by even if you stare it in the face. Someday is tomorrow then it becomes yesterday then the rest of your life is that someday weather you like what it is or not.

      1. Grace, your parents probably did tell you most of these but you had you teen ears on and they are very hard to penetrate. Looks like you did pretty well anyway. Thanks for sharing these one liners to grow by. I’m now approaching 80 and my three daughters did well also.

  3. Beautifully written!!! Thank you for making a difference my dear! EVERYTHING is right on. May God continue to bless you!

  4. I needed to see this because I am going into high school and I have let a boy break my heart and now I want him back and this told me how to get through high school without crying myself to sleep every night

    1. I promise Sierra, I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks growing up. One day you will be like me and thank God for all those goodbyes. There is good in goodbye. I will be praying for you my sister 🙂

  5. Where was this WONDERFUL TRUE message when I was a teenager? This makes me want to cry, because it’s TRUE!!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. My husband and I met and started dating when we were 16. He was the love of my life and 30 years later he still is.

  6. I absolutely love every bit of this! I pray that my sweet little daughters will one day fully understand these beautiful truths💕 It’s never too early to teach kindness, integrity, love, and faith!

    1. I will be praying for the growth of your daughter physically and emotionally. I pray she grows with the Lord, and I have a feeling you are a great role model for her 🙂 God bless

  7. #45 is totally wrong, but the others are pretty good. Late-night conversations over diner fare can lead to lifelong bonds.

    1. I agree; many of my best high school nights were after midnight and involved NOTHING my parents and grandparents and future kids wouldn’t approve of.

  8. Love this, I’ll be sharing this with my granddaughter. May I suggest one for your next list, something about “put down your phone and take time to listen to your family” or something along those lines. Just a suggestion because my daughter and my granddaughter can’t hear me trying to talk to them. It makes me feel unnecessary in their lives. 🙁

  9. Also no boy is worth coming between your friends. Boys come and go….good friends are there for the long haul.

    1. I am glad you found truth in this Kandace! I thought the same thing after I read this although we can’t change our lives, we can go back and share with the next generation! God bless 🙂

  10. I disagree with #1 (cheap mascara flakes) and #32 because he was the one and now 30 years after we met (married 21) he is still the one.

  11. You say ‘be yourself’ but you assume everyone believes in your God and that every woman will have a husband and kids one day that they should ‘pray’ for them. Not all women marry and have kids or want to. You just boxed every woman into these traditional, sterotypical roles. You also assumed all high school girls major concerns are boys, dating and looks, so they can win that husband and have those kids you assumed they all want. Maybe you were that shallow in high school but I wasn’t. I had other, real worries and goals. This is a list that sterotypes women and assumes we are all the same. I was offended by the narrow way you think young women view their place world, the superficial concerns you assume they have and the traditional, sterotypical adult roles you expect them to grow into despite who they really are or what they want to do. My advice for high school girls, discover the unique individual you are and be her to the best of your ability. Don’t let lists like this sterotype you or make assumptions about who you are and how your life will be.

    1. Sam, everything I write I write for God and myself. All these girls I talk about are me, therefore it makes me happy when people can relate and find God through them. I appreciate you telling that though and I will work on incorporating different struggles as well. I am sorry if this list offended you that was not meant to do so. Thanks for commenting your suggestions though I do appreciate it

      1. I am sure different folks have different views about any written piece that reaches into personal experience. I must disagree with the comment shared, as the title clearly states Things I Wish I Knew. That’s not a list of shallow stereotype labeling, but a admonition by someone who cares enough to point out the potholes for those who are a few steps behind. Baylor alum and humorist Grady Nutt once told his audience during a freshman orientation (I know because I was there), that this type of blog is “one beggar showing another where he found some bread.” Doesn’t mean that there will always be bread there again, just as not all 51 lessons will apply to every person, young or old.

        Sadly, to some out there, the message of Christ is a stumbling block. To some, Jesus IS offensive. Different world views and philosophies will hate those that minister in His name, and that’s to be expected. Grace’s intention is not to cause others to stumble, but to lift up the banner of Jesus and shine light into the darkness. I heartily applaud that effort and that goal. Don’t apologize for sharing your personal experience, Grace, because it is part of the unique woman God has designed you to be, and there will never be another just like you. Keep up the good fight. I have five daughters, with three currently in college. I tried to encourage and build them up all their lives to blossom into the women God made them to be and I’m truly proud of them. Be encouraged today, Grace, and represent His Truth to the best of your ability. His approval is all you need.

      2. I can’t thank you enough for this comment! I was even beating myself over those offended because it was not my intentions! I am thankful someone as wise as you read and enjoyed this truth in my article! God bless! 🙂

    2. I dont think Grace was trying to stereotype girls. But, for alot of girls, this is a great list. I have a 30 year old daughter and 26 year old daughter and a 16 year old step daughter, and they all agree this list somehow strikes a cord in each and every one of them, in some way. No, not all girls are the same, but the peer pressures tell them that the things to be are like all their other friends. I love this, as a woman as a once teenage girl and as a mom and grandmother!

    3. I think that this comment is completely ridiculous. If you’re offended by a silly blog that was meant for young teenage girls then you need to re-evaluate yourself. The title of this blog is “51 things I wish I knew in highschool”. Not “51 things every girl should know” or “51 things every girl should live by.” Honestly your comment is so incredibly ridiculous that it made me laugh. How could an article so sweet and sincere make somebody so offended and angry? Being offended is a choice, my friend. You chose to be offended, and I’m guessing you do that with everything else in your life. What a sad, unhappy life.

    4. No she is totally correct these are things all girls go thru im soo sorry ur so rude and nasty god doesn’t like ugly ya kno!! If u didnt like her blog u didnt have to read it she didnt holda gun to ur head u should’ve just kept ur opinions to urself

  12. As a dad of 6 boys and 1 girl (14) I hope I need a little help in the ‘passing wisdom to your daughter area! I’m gonna print it, pass it and pray like mad she gets it! Thanks! (might even pass it along to the other parents of teen girls in my church.

    1. Mr. Johnson I will be praying for your children as they grow and walk with the Lord. You sound like a loving father to think about your daughter like so, let her know I said hi as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing the truth and fun of this article to other girls as well what a beautiful idea for the Kingdom! God bless!

    1. Ha, that’s funny. My name is karen also and I was wondering the exact same thing!! I don’t know what that means at all. I do like this list though.

    2. Hahaha five for $27 is a deal at Victoria’s Secret! 5 panties for $27 (it’s $27.50 now actually ;)) but yeah that’s what it means! They have it a few times a year

      1. It’s all the time now. They have occasional 7 for $27 sales now, but the 5 for $27 is all the time.

  13. Oh man these are all spot on. Even though I’ve already graduated, this still applies to me. And I love how you incorporated God into it as well, wish I was closer with Him while I was in high school, but it’s never too late to grow a strong relationship with Him! Thankful I’ve found Him and learn more about Him each day. Thanks again for the article girlie, have a great week! 🙂

  14. This is SO true. I’ve been out of high school for two years now and I’ve realized how many mistakes I made back then and wasn’t really thinking about myself because I was thinking about impressing other people. When something bad happens to you in high school and everyone finds out about it it’s really tough because EVERYONE knows about it and you walk around feeling like everyone is staring at you.. It’s a terrible feeling. I hope people that are still in high school read this because everything on here is very true and I wished I had lived by these things. You really do miss being a kid as you become an adult.. I think about that every single day.

    1. Katie the Lord used your mistakes and my mistakes to help grow us into who we are today and that is beautiful! I pray for you to continue to use your past to speak wisdom into young girls cause it seems you have a gift 🙂 God bless you my sister! Thanks for reading and believing!

  15. This convicted me for some reason. Kinda made me sad. I’m no longer in high school. My 21 st birthday is right around the corner. And I used to have a strong faith but since high school I’ve lost almost all of it. College and the years after til now have been pretty tough. But I slowly see my life panning out. And I need to get back to the House of the Lord. Thanks for the awesome read.

  16. Absolutely beautiful and perfect!! Thank you so much for writing these down. Do you mind if I make these into a handout for 13-16 year old girls at our Mother/Daughter Program in March here in Memphis?? I would certainly credit you as the author. Thank you for loving Jesus and putting it all out there to encourage others too. God bless you so much!!!

    1. Wow yes you are allowed thanks for asking 🙂 You can use anything on this site, this site is aimed towards that age, as long as you tell them and put the site on the handout. I am so glad you are involved in ministry and being a light Mary! God bless!

  17. This makes me think in a whole new perspective. This is a really hard time. Harder than I thought highschool would be but reading this helps a lot. Thanks Grace!

  18. I’m a freshmen in high school and I love this so much!! I wish all girls in my grade would understand these things and have it brought to their attention. I know that in the end everything will be so much better if you are kind, humble, and wise. And to not live for the moment but to live for your future. I try my hardest to remember the things on your list everyday and to know in the end God will be the only one with you forever so listen to his word(: also, you inspired me because I want to make a change someday too.

    1. Sweet Emma so happy there are girls like you with such mature beliefs in high school! I pray you realize every day you can make a change, if you allow God to be involved in your actions. It sounds like you are such a light at school! God bless you friend 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for putting into words what I feel. My mom told me these things repeatedly through out the tough parts of high school. Never believed her. She was so smart! Now….just need to print this off and hang it in my daughter’s room!

  20. Grace, thank you for your courage, I’ll define it as choosing to do what is right and then standing firm, even when it isn’t easy or popular; sometimes it is about facing your fears and at other times, it’s just “showing up” in little details of daily responsibility and duty; you don’t always see the results of your choices as you walk by faith, but others will, in a great cloud of witnesses.

    In your display of courage, you will encourage lots of folks right where they are in life. Stay humble and give the glory to Christ Jesus in what He is doing through you, because you are an inspiration and role model to many impressionable young women. Your responsibility is great as your ministry flourishes. That’s the courage I’m talking about. God told Joshua repeatedly, as he was just starting out, “only be strong and courageous.”

    I loved my time at Baylor 35 years ago. Much has changed, but the important things haven’t. Just keep your priorities simple. Love God. Love God’s people. Show up till you finished the race.

    Sic ’em, Bears! ! 🙂

    1. David first sic’em bears 🙂 I love seeing alumni reading my articles! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and important reminders, I pray I can be that kind of role model for those young girls, stay humble, and also stay best friends with Jesus! I ask you to pray for me to do that as well! God bless!!

  21. The list is great but what impressed me more was the love and humility in your response to the comments, especially those who disagreed with you. I often spend more time reading comments than I do the articles themselves. Many times it reminds me of how words can breathe life or death in to lives of the hearer. I know nothing about you and stumbled upon this article randomly. However, I am convinced that nothing is truly random since God is sovereign over all. I read comments but never comment myself. I broke my rule just to tell “thank you” for reminding me what it looks like when we are led by the Holy Spirit in our speech. You will be in my prayers.

    1. Wow Marie thanks for taking the time to read the article and what I had to say to others!! You sound like a wise and great woman of faith, I will pray for you and your spiritual journey new friend!! Thank you for reading and believing in the truth I believe in as well! God bless!

  22. The only one I take issue with is #1. I swore by CVS mascara my whole like, but the first time I got an Estee Lauder mascara ($26) at 25, it changed everything. Seriously, it’s like wearing fake lashes. You get what you pay for in some cases.

      1. If given the opportunity would you recommend going to a very private high school. High School in question football team dances or even a separate building from a junior high and a church. However it is the best school and has produced students that have gone on to Yale and Harvard.

      2. I went to a public high school and although I stood out for my beliefs– I thrived there, and was able to be a light. I saw much of the world in there, and was challenged but it is all apart of my testimony. Each person is different though, now I go to Private College and love the community. Go where you feel lead, but if this school has a good education that is awesome too! I have friends who went to private high schools and even some of the most christian ones still need students who practice what they preach to be a light! I’ll be praying for your decision!

  23. This is so true. It is crazy to read this blog and have it connect to my life almost 100%. I’m currently in high school and graduation seems only a small world away!

    1. It will be here fasted than you expect Libby!! Trust me 🙂 There are so many joys in store for you, and I can’t wait to see how God uses you and your testimony as you grow! God bless!

  24. You are quite an inspiration!! It was hard to hold back tears as I read this and thought of high school years with my daughters!! I saw where one of them has already commented. She also realizes now all these things I wish she could have realized then. God bless you for letting Him speak through you in such an open way!!

    1. Thank you Ms. Lisa!! I appreciate you reading, believing, and enjoying this article — as well as thinking of your little girls. I will be praying for their walk with Christ,and that they continue to live for Him and not the world. You sound like a wonderful mother. God bless you!

  25. I would add one thing….NEVER text while driving!!!! In fact, put your phone in your purse and put it in the back seat so you won’t be tempted to even ANSWER the darned thing!

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